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Successful delivery is based on a strong operational foundation, that includes understanding the customer business needs, our extensive experience with planning and preparation, and meticulous execution of your solution. From design concept to preparation, production, testing, logistics, shipping, services, CGS has years of experience delivering solutions that work “out of the box”.

CGS is your “One Stop Shop” for all operational processes that require a successful delivery.


The most important phase of every successful delivery is preparation. From engineering concept through delivery, each piece of the plan needs to be complete with processes that are defined, rehearsed and agreed upon.

Engineering/Solution Discovery
Whether your solution requires added engineering and development, or already has all the blue prints, it needs to be understood by all parties. In case engineering is required, a research and development cycle shall be implemented prior to completing the solution.

In some cases, technologies are integrated to create a customer defined solution, including branding.

Every solution has a Bill-of-Material. Whether an appliance or a cabinet full of equipment, each item needs to be listed and every solution needs to be serialized.

Vendor Selection
Smooth delivery relies on vendor selection. Extensive qualifying measures are taken to ensure vendors performance will exceed expectations based on the activity they are hired to carry out. From parts to sub systems and shipping, each vendor is carefully selected based on experience, capabilities, adherence, and quality of performance.

Testing & Staging
Each solution must be tested prior to shipping. Quality assurance can only be achieved if proper solution testing is performed. Whether it’s an RF module, or a 20-cabinet solution, each shall have a test bed, a test procedure, and a QA form report logged.

Delivery Structure
Whether a standard shipping company or a heavy load transportation company, domestic or international, it is required that all paperwork including taxes, legalities, timelines are defined before the beginning of the operation cycle.

All pricing details will be finalized at the conclusion of the design stage. Many times, variables such as shipping, taxes, and incomplete procedures can lead to fluctuations in price. It is highly recommended to complete ALL necessary solution delivery aspects prior to program launch.

Legal Considerations
Some solutions require legal attention. Most Government projects will require special considerations, adherence to governing rules and guidelines that must be followed. In these cases, legal coverage is a prerequisite and must be procured to certify all guidelines are followed correctly.

Back Office
As with any solution delivery – responsibility, traceability, accountability, and any future encounter with a delivered solution is paramount to a successful on-going partnership. As such, each delivered solution shall have end to end documentation covering all aspects of that successful delivery.


Efficient storage and shipment of finished goods is at the heart of efficient logistics. Whether its inventory control, or order management, shipping and administration, logistic is paramount to have customer get what was order on time, while products are available and ready to be shipped

Stock Management
Stock management is essential to a successful logistics. With proper planning inventory levels trigger start or stop production, Inventory management helps create a seamless flow between production and customer demands.

Order Fulfillment
Once order is received goods are being pulled from inventory in order to fulfill the order. Each order is completed by providing all necessary documents required, inventory level updated, and logs for tracking is created. Order then is turned to be shipped and delivered.

Shipping and Receiving
Shipping paperwork, shipping schedule, and delivery verification.

Complete set of paperwork, legal tax, manuals, support and all relevant information sent, logged, and kept. Complete handover and back-office coordination with customer & end user.


Inventory Management
Making sure all solution parts are present and ready to be KITed for production.

Vendor Management
Keeping all vendors in line with part and product availability, requirements, parts delivery, shipping, and documentation.

Production of solutions hardware, software, and parts integration as defined in production manuals according to order received.

Solution testing, documentation filled, logs stored and documented, operation notified about solution readiness. Solution Inventory updated, and logistics managers informed.

Complete production log, testing results, and manuals.


Comtel Global Services is proud to be completely synchronized with our customers operations environment. From inception to execution, CGS’s back office solution will be aligned with our customer’s requirements. From order process to production staging, compliance, shipping, and hand-over processes.

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