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Customer Services

Customer Services

Our Professional Services team master of post sales activities, such as project management, implementation, and customer handover of project delivered.
Added to our professional services, we provide post delivery services such as monitoring, help desk and customer support services such as remote hands-on, RMA and onsite support.
Our hosting facilitation allows customers who need private cloud as well as cloud support to enhance their offering. Much at times our cloud experts will engage in education, configuration and implementation of such cloud initiatives.
Our technology and Professional Services teams are perfect augmentation for our customers who wish to offload or support their internal teams short- and long-term projects.


Whether your solution is implemented on site, or at a hosting facility, deployment preparation is paramount to a successful delivery.  We develop with you all the necessary processes that will establish site readiness, product deployment, implementation and handover so that all parties involved are ready and able to provide their part in smooth successful solution delivery.

Post-sales Services

The most important element of a successful implementation, actually occurs after the implementation has been done and handed over to the customer and or end users.Making sure that the solution is stable, works as configured and correct issues post implementations are extremely important for a successful implementation to stay the course
Remote monitoring of systems performance, allowing automated as well as manual processes to test, and report about system performances. These processes allow pre qualifying misbehavior system performance, issues and other element even before end user realizes the problem. It allows changes and or fixes to be implemented to make sure contiguous smooth solution performance
Help Desk
Our help desk services will allow communication with our experts, in order to clear issues, identify request/reports and on going support about issues requiring handling.
Each system requires tweaking. Whether updates/upgrades or system issues, our professional services will be able to assist customers and end users to continue using the solution flawlessly
RMA services
As part of a continuous services, at times system parts might fail. Through our RMA services failing parts will be replaced, while inventory level of replacement parts, shall be replenished.


During the deployment phase, our professional services team will make sure that all aspects for a successful deployment are followed:
Site Readiness
Primary focus is to make sure that all implementation site details have been verified that they are set and ready to move ahead with the implementation.
Program Management
Resource assignment, coordination and project facilitation of customer, 3rd parties, project planning/phases, from preparation through execution, manage timelines, budget, risk mitigation, scope change, validate all deliverables have been successfully completed.
Implementation Services
Solution is installed to customer site(s), or hosted facility. Make sure that all technical requirements have been satisfied, setup/configuration details are implemented and verified according to plan.  Design test case scenarios with end users, address any implementation issues, implement corrective actions, validate with customer, approval, move to production.
Hand Over
Final handover to end user, including STP (Solution Test Process)

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