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We’re not just a vendor. We’re your technology partner.

Who we are
Comtel Global Services (CGS) an operation and technology company led by industry experts, engineers, technicians, administration and process managers..

CGS production/technology and delivery solutions varies from parts to full systems, cover various industries (Finance/Government/Medical/manufacturing), and are sold/delivered around the globe.

We truly believe that at the end of the day whether its an operation solution a technology solution or a both, we will provide superior solution delivered and excellent end user experience while
complement our customer’s operation.

Our Vision
We “productize integration”. Our vision is help companies deliver solution as “products”. Whether its an appliance, a full system, or software application, our vision is to have it delivered to our customer’s end users as a product fully built, functional, tested and working “out of the box”.

Our Mission
Providing great Operation and Technical solutions to our Customers while Creating unsurpassed end user experience

Who we serve?
For the past 15 years we have served customers from all business facets. From domestic and international government agencies through Enterprises of any size ( including some fortune 500 ) we are proud to have solutions delivered, serviced, and “on going”. Our overwhelming return customer rate as well as our prolonged contracts signed, is testament to our service quality, organizational culture fit, and ongoing uncompromising devotion to our customers

Our success / Your success
Our customer’s success in cooperating with us has been our claim to fame and what brings repeat mutual business. E.g. we have started our 2nd multiyear (7-10) year contractual for government agency delivering full systems each year cycle for a government agency.

Amongst the many merits that CGS brings to table, we like to single out 3:
Creativeness / Game on attitude / Sense of urgency

Creativeness Our customers rely on us to produce solutions. Whether technology, operation, contractual or legal, there are many items which need to be ironed out before solutions to be considered a success.

Our motto is: We “Productize Integrations”. We truly believe that only when all the I’s are dotes and T’s are crossed can a solution really be delivered repeatedly successfully.

Game on attitude
We are full throttle, and we increase as we go. Great quality and great service is mandatory for CGS. Our customer expects that they as well as their end user get solution delivered on time with great quality and with superior experience. Accolades from end users time and again says it all. Many at times, end-users will praise our customers based on our performance. Hey we don’t mind…..

Sense of urgency
We know what’s at stake. Timing, Performance, Quality are of an essence. There are many people, locations, deliverance happening. There are targets to achieve, problems to solve, escalations to manage, and remedies to handle. We make sure that all attention is provided to any situation, big or small.

The result? Great Customer Experience.
We’re happy to report that our detailed oriented approach, our partnership dedication, and our partnership synergy philosophy has being (and still is) very successful. Repeat business, excellence in delivering solution and “whatever it takes” attitude creates satisfied customers/end user everyday.

Our Mission

Partnership isn’t just our business objective—it’s a significant part of our history. Today, CGS provides advanced IT consulting and rapid-response support services for small to mid-size businesses regionally, nationally and across the globe. Supported by a team of certified IT professionals, we’re committed to building and implementing the most effective infrastructure for your businesses. Our goal is to equip your team with the access and tools they need to boost productivity and position your company as an industry leader.

Our Vision

We firmly believe a relationship built on reciprocal trust ensures mutual success. While other managed service providers troubleshoot systems, resolve problems and make decisions on your behalf behind closed doors, CGS believes in maintaining open, honest and completely transparent communication. Our proactive, consultative approach and commitment to partnership assures your technology solutions will continually exceed your expectations.

Whether your business demands a fully managed IT solution, a project-based service or simply an extra set of hands for your next network upgrade, our team is dedicated to bringing you the industry expertise, technologies and insight you need to exceed your objectives every day.


Successful delivery is based on a strong operational foundation, that includes understanding the customer business needs, our extensive experience with planning and preparation, and meticulous execution of your solution. From configuration concept to preparation, production, testing, logistics, shipping, services, CGS has years of experience delivering solutions that work “out of the box”.
CGS is your “One Stop Shop” for all operational processes that require a successful delivery.

Cloud Hosting

Using this leading edge solution, CGS can host your applications or servers in a secure data center on the Internet, and allow you to access your data and desktop functions—at anytime and from anywhere in the world.

IT Services

CGS provides professional, cost-effective business computer networking solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs. Whether it’s a simple fix or a large multi-site network implementation, CGS offers your business an entire on-call IT department at a fraction of the price of a single IT employee.

Contact Center

Your business needs flexibility.  Our call center solutions were developed with that in mind.  They are scalable, enabling you to quickly and cost-effectively add new users to your system and increase their productivity.

OEM Services

CGS’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) division provides an unparalleled level of customer service in today’s competitive market. We have the resources and partnerships to accelerate the process, with the experience and flexibility to deliver tailored service packages and quickly turn around time sensitive requests.
Our comprehensive services include dedicated program management, discovery, configuration, staging and testing, packaging and delivery. We can get you on the fast track to market, expedite drop shipment, forward and reverse logistics, customer fulfillment, and distribution services.   As your product gains traction, we will continue in a supportive capacity and oversee the hardware lifecycle management.


Our Hosted PBX gives you complete control over your communications. Deep integration and powerful configuration options create a system built specifically for your needs.

IT Peripherals

CGS’s Information Technology division includes seasoned engineers with extensive industry experience and specialty focuses. Our collaborative approach will assist us to understand your organizational needs and deliver comprehensive solutions that range from security, networking and peripherals to protect and enhance your work environment.
From enterprise to standard office environments, or you are just making your entrance into the market, we can introduce, integrate, upgrade and complete your IT solution.  Our long-standing partnerships with leading technology manufactures further benefits our customers with a wide range of products, services and competitive pricing. We understand and appreciate the uniqueness of businesses and have the expertise to design optimal solutions and provide accelerated delivery plans for time sensitive situations.


Yossi Teichman


Yossi is responsible for driving the business and technology direction for the company. Yossi is an industry veteran in technology, operations, solution fulfillment, and process discipline arenas and has built multi-site and multi-culture organizations from the ground up. Under Yossi’s leadership, CGS has developed into a top-tier multi-disciplinary technology and sales execution organization.

Prior to joining CGS, Yossi held various executive management positions in technology solution organizations. Most notably as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NICE’s Customer Experience Management division, a global leader in providing solutions to improve customer interactions in contact centers and trading floors worldwide. At NICE, Yossi also held the position of Vice President of Professional Services, where he built from the ground up a complete customer services organization and implemented a successful go-to-market strategy to guide customer interactions from initial contact through fulfillment. His blend of technical expertise and understanding of customer needs has enabled him to develop long-term working partnerships with customers and vendors in reaching shared goals.

John Spadaccini


John is responsible for day-to-day operations, including logistics, production, integration and delivery. John brings more than 20 years experience in the Telecommunications / Contact Center industry. Prior to joining CGS, John was the Director of Manufacturing and Logistics at Isoetec/Executone. He has extensive experience in Manufacturing (Pacific Rim & Domestic), Logistics and Purchasing.

John’s abilities in the managing of CGS operation facilities has proven invaluable. From vendor management, through logistics production staging and delivery. His process creation and relation management has established CGS as a trusted advisor to its customers. John’s pursuit of excellence and 0 defect targets has established CGS as a high-quality sales execution company.

Terry Rossio


Terry is responsible for all technology aspects of CGS, managing technology development, field operations as well as its IT/ IS. He leads the Data Center design and execution strategy, in addition to adopting and embedding leading technologies into CGS offerings. Terry has more than 15 years of increasing information technology and business expertise, most notably in the telecom and networking arenas and has a strong background in governmental (DoD) systems. Prior to joining CGS, Terry worked for Ameritech, a major telecom, and was the contact center application technology leader for NICE systems.

Mr. Rossio’s expertise is in building Best-of-Breed solutions centers to help our customers meet and exceed the growing needs of their internal and external requirements for their IT Infrastructure while leveraging their existing technologies more efficiently. His goal at CGS is to adopt and embed new technologies as CGS engages with customers who need technology solutions.